Marketing and advertising
as a part of strategic management

Marketing and advertising must be seen as a golden vein that goes through the business strategy and the core (corporate) strategy of the company. It is not only a complementary activity, but one of the main pillars of success and expansion. Especially the power of promotion on the Internet today is absolutely essential.

The first P in the marketing mix is always the Product. And you somehow named and described your Product. But it should be named (and described) as it is called (and imagined) by your potential customers. As they search for it. But if you've already done a search analysis, we'll take a look at it.

Whether you are the creator of the corporate strategy itself, or as an executive director you interpret it in the form of business or marketing strategy, we have an offer for you. Let us engage analytical tools on the Internet and give you data for future decisions.

We will tell you how your company has been doing well in the search engines for a long time. What people search for (how much and for how much). Learn how to communicate with your customers on the web and how to segment them. We'll explain how to target your ads on search engines and social networks.

We will listen to your current strategy, perhaps even the vision of the "founding fathers" and the mission of the executives. By the survey of satisfaction or current email and webinar communication with customers we´ ll analyze their needs and current methods of marketing communication.

You get a structured analysis and a fast executable set of actions to fix current communication, web and social networking errors. You will get a proposal of a functional marketing strategy, "grafted" on current strategies and a proposal to perform perfectly measured and continuously optimized experiments.

Marketing and strategy

There are not many important things to play with in the business with our logo. Entrust the most valuable things you have in the hands of professionals. Marketing communication must lead to customers like to spend more . Advertising strategy and its implementation must bring new and create satisfied customers.